3sUP CoD Roster Heading into Black Ops 3

Tue 8th Dec 2015 - 12:00pm Call of Duty

Heading into Black Ops 3 earlier this month, 3sUP’s Call of Duty team made several roster changes in hopes to build upon the success they saw in Advanced Warfare. Following MLG Finals in New Orleans, there was a cloud of uncertainty as to whether or not the roster would remain the same going into Black Ops 3 or not. As it turned out, about two weeks following MLG Finals Tyree “Legal” Glover decided to leave 3sUP Enterprises for Apotheon eSports. The other obvious change that took place with the Call of Duty roster was to who would be the set fourth heading into the new game. With the drama surrounding the last minute re-acquisition of Aries preceding New Orleans, there was a large gap that needed to be filled as the free agent market began to dry up.


Ultimately, Cameron “CaLiFa” Joyner and Danny “Miyagi” Ho decided to remain with the organization heading into Black Ops 3. Their first major pick up was snatching Andy “Strife” Dinh who had previously played under 3sUP when the organization was originally formed. However, this was not the only acquisition that happened several weeks ago. Following the pick-up of Strife, 3sUP picked up Brett “Baker” Baker to complete the Call of Duty squadron. Baker who previously played under XGN, Stunner and Dream Team is a very talented young gun with plenty of potential heading into competition for Black Ops 3. With all of this being said; the final roster for 3sUP Enterprises heading into the competition for Black Ops 3 is CaLiFa, Miyagi, Strife and Baker. We look forward to seeing how they do as the competition begins to heat up!

3sUP Enterprise

3sUP Enterprise

3sUP Enterprise

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