3sUP Re-Signs Carbon Crossfire

Thu 30th Jun 2016 - 9:31am CrossFire

Coming back into the eSports scene, we wanted to make a huge splash on one game and that game is one we have a prolonged history in, Crossfire.

Coming back into Crossfire, we wanted to have an excellent team but also we wanted to have a team that knows how to represent a brand like us, with not many knowing how to in a smaller game like Crossfire, we managed to sign up our old team and pick up where we left off!

After talking to Brando, we got an insight of what he was feeling when he joined.

"It's great to be back with the 3sUP family. They have always taken care of us and had our backs in the past and we are really looking forward to working with them again.

"As a team, we have been competing as a team since 2013. Most people recognize us as the best team from our region; the power house of NA. Last year we had a pretty good amount of events that we attended. We secured our spot as NA's best and then went on a global level for three separate tournaments. I would say that our highlight from last year would be when we placed second at the CrossFire Stars Invitational in Rio De Janiero, falling short to China in a 2-3 best of 5 games"

Joining Brando on the team will feature the likes of:





And @3sUP_Brando

3sUP Enterprise

3sUP Enterprise

3sUP Enterprise

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