Alex 'afc' Costa to coach 3sUP.Carbon

Fri 1st Jul 2016 - 11:30am CrossFire

Recently we have announced our return into eSports by picking up our former CrossFire team that use to be under us previously and now we are going to add to this with the announcement of Alex, The new coach of the crossfire team!

We spoke to Alex Costa and wanted to ask his thoughts of coming under 3sUP!

"It feels amazing because I know these guys since 2013, we share the same passion for CF and now I can work with these guys! I think, with a lot of work, we can be the world champion this year, these guys are so intelligent and I think we can level up our skills as team"

Alex will become one of the main faces of the team with the addition of Brandon, the Captain of the 3sUP Crossfire team, who will be helped inside the game and helped outside of the game with team preparations and other pre-game strategies.

We hope to get Alex on the website more to help our fans understand the game of Crossfire a lot better for people who might not have much knowledge on the electronic sport!

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